Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sustainable Living Festival - the Big weekend

Bike Ride a Smoothie!
 The Big Weekend at Federation Square. The sun was out in full force, which attracted thousands of visitors to the stalls. The inventions were creative and different. Here I share with you some of the photos.
Inspired by animal skeletons

Solar powered mobile Couch and drink stall
 The food stalls! Food ranged from veggie burgers to organic vegetarian food, coconut water, vegan cupcakes and icy poles.
I decided to go with Organic Sunrise, which offered organic icy poles for $2. It is made from organic ingredients, a combination of orange, blueberry and apple.

Then I came across the famous Mister Nice Guy's Vegan Cupcakes. I was tempted so I purchased their Cherry Bomb Cupcake ($4). Using real cherries was  different from eating fake cherries found at unhealthy bakeries. The cupcake was moist and soft. The only drawback was how sweet the vanilla icing was. I wish I could have less sugar in my icing, as I do not like overly sweet cupcakes.

Icy Pole for a hot day!
Mister Nice Guy Vegan Cupcakes
Cherry B Bomb Vegan Cupcake

The Green House
 The last stop was at the Green House, where I attended a demonstration on Vegan Body building. The bodybuilder had a shirt that said "I love Tofu" which I thought was quite funny.

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