Monday, July 2, 2012

My Convalescence story

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I was down with a cold and a cough. As a Naturopath I always recommend patients that bed rest is important in recovering from acute sickness. As a cold is a virus, antibiotics do not aid in improving the symptoms. Thus I decided to eat well and sleep. For breakfast everyday, I had rolled oats with soy milk, blueberries and chia seeds.

Day 1 (Friday): I felt a little restless, my mind raced to the future - 'When do I get better? What supplements should I take? I hope I get better by Monday.' The cough was productive and mucus from my nose was flowing like a tap. I rested in bed with a box tissues. I made brown rice porridge for lunch and dinner. It had tomatoes, onions, garlic and cos lettuce. I experimented on different supplements, mainly vitamin C, Andrographis and vitamin D.

Day 2 (Saturday): I decided to go for a walk to the shops to get some chicken for my ginseng chicken soup. Cough was still productive, phlegm was yellow. Started on herbal teas (Peppermint, Licorice, Elderflower and Calendula). Continued with vitamin C and vitamin D

Day 3 (Sunday): I had to meet a friend for a bowen therapy exchange. She worked on my lymph nodes which helped in reducing my flu-like symptoms. Simple porridge with vegetables and egg for lunch. Ginseng chicken soup for dinner. Continued with herbal teas, vitamin C and D. Added Horseradish and garlic tablets. Mood: Feeling a little fatigued from the day out, want to get better soon.

Day 4 (Monday): Woke up feeling much better, mucus dried up considerably. Had an occasional need to blow my nose. Cough is less productive, phlegm clear to yellow. Feeling 70% better. Continued with the herbal teas and supplements I was taking. Egg, garlic and onion porridge for lunch. Broccoli with steamed egg and rice for dinner.

My thoughts:
The convalescence experience was an interesting one. I do not fall sick often (usually once a year). This is the first time the cold virus hit me hard. I was more aware of my body and the sensations I felt when I took certain remedies. It was a positive experience, I feel blessed  as I had so much time for myself. It was  empowering to just rest and let the body heal.

Resting for 4 days is not possible for many people, as they have work commitments or school. This experience reaffirms my belief that health is wealth.

To your health