Friday, February 10, 2012

Durian - King of Fruits

Durian, considered the King of Fruits in South east asia. You probably smelt it before you seen it. Andrew Zimmern from the TV show "Bizarre foods" ate various foods - but when it came to eating Durian in Malaysia, he described it worse than eating a smelly sock.
Not everyone gets put off, fortunately. Anthony Bourdain, a famous foodie - loves Durian. I have not succeeded in convincing local australians on how wonderful this fruit is. This is because the smell overwhelms their noses.

A tip in appreciating durian has to be done in South east asia, at the durian stalls. Coming to the vendors frequently desensitizes the nostrils to the smell. Do this often and you would learn to appreciate durian fruit during the taste test.

Texture: Soft and creamy, much like the texture of a ripened avocado.

Taste: The taste is sweet, like custard.

Nutritional benefits: It has a high amount of Vitamin E, an antioxidant. However, due to the sugar content - it has to be eaten in moderation for diabetics.


  1. Sylvia,
    You know I had Durian once but it was fresh-frozen and I've been told it's so much better fresh. I tasted it, it had a nice texture but the smell was too much for me. It put me off onions for a week. But it was good to try it! I wish I loved it, but I suppose I've only tried it once.

  2. Hi Michelle, yes the smell puts everyone off from this fruit! I was introduced to it monthly by my parents when I was five years old, so I have grown to appreciate the fruit more when I was much older.

  3. Sylvia..Next time round when u are back we go eat durian k! I know where to find le!! hehehehe :)