Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Room temperature Smoothies

As we move towards Winter in Australia - the idea of a cold smoothie loses its appeal. Room temperature smoothies are easier to consume, especially when you are a cold constitution. I got up from a cold winter night of 9 degrees. I wanted a smoothie in the morning and I decided to blog about how to make room temperature smoothies.

Use fruit in season that ripens slowly at room temperature. Examples include kiwi, avocado and bananas.
Avoid the use of cold liquids e.g. chilled soy/rice milk.
Use freshly grated ginger/juiced ginger to add a heat in your smoothies.
Stick to room temperature filtered water.

Be creative, experiment on different fruits and ingredients.

Room temperature Avocado & Honey smoothie with goji berries

1 ripe organic avocado (use your thumb to press on the skin, it should sink in when it's ripe)
3 tsp raw honey
250-300ml filtered water
5-6 dried goji berries
1 tbsp rolled oats

Cut open the avocado, remove the seed. Use a spoon to scoop the avocado into the blender. Add honey and water. Blend at high speed.

In an empty glass, add 1 tbsp of rolled oats at the bottom. You can also add fresh fruit instead, e.g. banana/freshly cut apple slices. Pour avocado smoothie. Sprinkle goji berries on top. Consume.

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