Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ginseng Chicken Soup

Winter is the most 'Yin' time of the year. Yin refers to cold, as opposed to Yang (warm). As a Yin constitution, winter is the worst time for me. I get chilblains (cold feet) and I am unfortunately down with a cold and cough. This is a wonderful winter remedy that I cook when I'm unwell.

1 chicken thigh, bones intact. Remove most of the chicken skin, except skin on the drumstick
4 thick slices of ginger
Ginseng soup pack (bought from Asian grocer) Mine has panax ginseng, chinese yam, lycium and codonopsis. Avoid ginseng packs that come with a msg flavoured cloth bag and those that have astragalus in it. Astragalus is to be avoided in acute colds/sickness.
2.5-3 litres of filtered water
1 tbsp tamari sauce
Dash of pepper
Dried rice vermicelli (enough for 1)

To cook:
Bring water to boil in a huge pot. Wash the herbs (dried herbs and fresh ginger slices) thoroughly and place into boiling water. Turn stove fire to medium and cook for 1 hour. Place the chicken thigh in the pot and cook for another 2 hours. Add tamari and pepper. Check the pot to make sure there is enough water. Top water when necessary. Turn off the stove fire once cooking is done..

To cook the rice vermicelli, scoop enough soup to cook it in a separate, smaller pot. Bring soup to boil and add rice vermicelli. Cook for 10 mins. Turn off the stove fire. I cook the rice noodles separately as they tend to absorb the soup quickly.

To serve:
Scoop chicken thigh in a huge bowl. Consume with noodles in a separate bowl.

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