Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Visit to Real Food Cafe Singapore

I visited Real Food Cafe early this year and found the ambience cosy - a nice place to hang out with friends to catch up over good food.

Wheatgrass and Apple, S$6
It was late afternoon and I decided to be adventurous and try their juices. I ordered a Wheatgrass and apple juice.It was quite sour, it might be the use of green apples with wheatgrass juice. I miss my normal green smoothies that I make in Melbourne, wish they made smoothies like that. Could be improved.

Choice of 2 flavours, 2 scoops: S$3.80

I had their unique Brown Rice Ice Cream which is vegan, there were a range of flavours to choose from. I chose the banana oat and hazelnut chocolate. Other flavours were unique,which range from curry flavoured ice cream (I wonder how would that taste!) to normal flavours such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. The texture of the ice cream is creamy, you wouldn't even know that it is dairy free. 

Overall - the brown rice ice cream is the attraction, I will always come back for this unique dessert. Service is quick, the staff remembers you. Mains could be improved, my friend had the Mushroom Aglio Olio which had an absence of olive oil.


  1. Hi Sylvia!! What a lovely blog you have here!! Looking forward to reading more food adventures you have! ^^

    Thanks for supporting our ice cream! Don't have to wonder about how curry ice cream tastes like! Next time you're here again, please feel free to tell our staff any flavours you are curious about, and taste them!! ^^

    We are always rotating our ice cream flavours in Real Food, so you should try any flavour you are interested in, or you might have to wait a long time for it to appear again. Haha!

    Anyway, we are really happy you like our ice cream! They are all made with real food, so do give our normal flavours like Strawberry and Chocolate a try too. Natural food tastes the best, and you may be surprised at how delicious they are despite their boring-sounding names. Haha!

    P.S.We have vegan mudpies at Real Food Cafe too which only the regular customers know at the moment. ^_-

    Hope to see you again!

    (P.P.S. 2 scoops of our ice cream are $3.80, and 3 scoops are $4.50. We are more affordable than you remembered, huh! Haha! Thank you so much for writing about us! ^^)

    The Brownice Team

  2. Hi Brownice Team, thank you for the clarification, I have changed the price to the correct one. Love your ice cream, please bring it to Australia. Sylvia :)

    1. Thanks love! By the way, we've just opened our own ice cream shop!!! We added homestyled vegan brownies and waffles to our fare~ hope to see you there! ^^ Here's our facebook page with our address on it~! ^^

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