Friday, January 13, 2012

Onaka Healing Cafe, Rochester Park - Singapore

The Onaka group has created an amazing cafe that is located at Rochester and Biopolis.
At the Rochester park cafe, Onaka body and soul is about 10 mins walk from Buona Vista station. Walking there can be a little confusing, refer to the map before embarking to your adventure.
Another option is to take a taxi, it would take less than 5-6 mins to get there.

I love the ambience here - you can just spend hours at their outdoor setting to catch up with friends. It is a peaceful place to come during the day time - enjoy the breeze while chatting with friends. Service was slow - it took a while for the staff to attend to us as they were busy with their orders. 

Barley risotto: S$18
 Ellie ordered the Barley risotto. It consisted of organic pearl barley, saffron broth, grilled asparagus and pecorino romano. The asparagus was grilled nicely, it is still crunchy in the middle. I like my veggies slightly undercooked as it retains the vitality.
Pearl barley, you would think it would taste weird as it is usually used in asian desserts. However, it is a unique twist - it went well with the saffron broth. Highly recommend it.

Zen Bowl: S$16

And I ordered a Zen Bowl. It consisted of Organic brown rice, tofu triangles, roasted tomatoes, shitake mushrooms, edamame, miso sauce, nutritional yeast and nori seaweed.

One word: Yum!!! The tofu triangles were marinated with soy sauce/ some japanese sauce that brought out the authentic flavour of tofu. The roasted tomatoes and sliced zucchini were done just right, which went well with the rice. The shitake mushrooms were sliced thinly and cooked to perfection. The brown rice was layered with miso paste, nutritional yeast, freshly chopped nori and went well with edamame.

Spirulina Iron Shake: S$9
I love green smoothies and it is no surprise that I shared with Ellie their Spirulina Iron Shake. In it was spinach, bananas, soy milk and spirulina. I love the combination - green smoothies always go good with bananas - especially when they are ripe.

Overall rating: 9/10

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 3/5

Food: 5/5

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