Friday, December 30, 2011

A trip to Vegie Bar

 I met up with my friends from Uni before I head off to Singapore. I have been to Vegie Bar a few times now and it is always packed! We arrived at 1230 and the seats we had were inside at the outdoor courtyard.
 After a bit of a chat and wait for the waitresses to come around, we finally got to order. Service is a little slow during their peak periods.

 I ordered a Living Stack (raw) which consisted of a salad, avocado salad dressing, dehydrated kale chips, dehydrated tomatoes sitting on a stack of beetroot mash, carrots, zucchini slices and a huge mushroom at the bottom. It's one of the healthier options in the menu as it's like having a huge salad for a main. For drinks I had a Mango lassi which was normal - still prefer the smoothies at Yong Green Food. 

We shared a Moroccan Pizza, which had a thin crispy crust, pumpkin, mushrooms, sesame seeds and red bell pepper. The sesame seeds really brought out the flavor and I enjoyed it. The only thing I had to watch was that the crust was made from wheat and since I am intolerant I couldn't eat as much.

Overall - love Vegie Bar! It's well-known for good reasons...I feel hippy coming here

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