Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Bento

Mum always reassured me about 'Monsters' under the bed. This special Bento is dedicated to my mum.

- Lunch box
-1 Seaweed puncher
- 1 bento sauce bottle
- 3-4 colourful toothpicks
- Special egg slicer
- Cookie cutters with special shapes
- scissors

1 tsp Planet Organic Tahini
1/2 tsp raw honey
2 pieces toasted organic Spelt bread
1/4 Lebanese cucumber
1 small piece of sushi seaweed
1/8 apple
1/2 tsp hummus
1 tsp Cashew + Spinach dip
2 boiled eggs
1-2 tsp tamari sauce
1 tsp salt dissolved in 1/2 cup water

Step 1: Use cookie cutters to cut 2 identical shapes on one piece of bread each. Spread tahini on one side and raw honey on the other. P.s. left over bread can be used as gluten free croutons for soup.

Step 2: Stick them together and place colorful toothpicks through the middle.

Step 3: Boil eggs. Place 2 eggs in boiling water over a stove. Add salt as this prevents the shells from cracking. Boil for 10 mins and let eggs cool on the stove. Carefully peel boiled eggs and put aside. Prepare egg slicer.


Step 4: Place boiled egg on egg slicer. Slice it quickly to get a perfect shape. Do the same for the other egg in another pattern.
Fill tamari sauce into the bento sauce bottle of your choice.

Step 5: Cut the cucumber into 8 sections using a knife to make the 'legs'. Use a seaweed puncher to punch out the face and stick carefully on the cucumber. Use scissors to cut a strip of seaweed for the 'belt'. Add some hummus at the back of the monster to secure the belt around the cucumber.

Place 1 tsp of cashew spread on top of the cucumber for the 'hair'.

Step 6: Assemble ingredients. Slice 1/8 of an apple into 2 wedges and dip into salt water to avoid browning. Place into Lunch box.


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